Cottage Garden Design

Planting Plan With Perspective View and Seasons Views Cottage 

TitleTitle: Cottage Graden
ClientClient: Private
Location of clientLocation: Jagodina, Serbia
Category of projectCategory: Planting Plan Cottage

This is the cottage style garden and should provide filling to relax in natural surroundings. Plant plan is based on local conditions and follows vegetation from around wich is less plant trasport and other costs. Focal point it’s garden pond. Plants are carefully selected and also fish. That provides an incredible joy and fun. It is a big family with kids and it was very important to have a place to play and run. Also one of thing from wish list is to have big free space for nice outdoor furniture where they will spend a lot of time with friends.

cottage garden design

Cottage garden Cottage garden 1 Cottage garden 2 Cottage garden 3 Cottage garden 4 Cottage garden 5 Cottage garden 6 Cottage garden 7 Cottage garden 8 Cottage garden 9

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