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FAQ AskWhy should I use online mbgardendesign service over other garden designers?

FAQ AnswerFAQ We are professional garden designers, so we understand how to make your garden design not just attractive, but also functional. Being an online service we can charge a discounted rate as we are saving on overheads, as such we offer a very cheap landscape design service. Along with a full landscape design, you will receive do it yourself guides, plant profiles, a complete plant list and maintenance schedule.

FAQ AskWhat does landscape package include? FAQ

FAQ AnswerGarden design package contains all the necessary information to build the garden by you. Or you can give it a local company to build a garden for you. Each package includes: a list of plants outlined in your garden design, a set of how to guides outlining all aspects of your garden construction, a personalised garden design and an ongoing maintenance plan for your garden.

 FAQ AskWho designs the gardens?

FAQ AnswerEach garden design was done by Boris and Marina. Together intersect opinions and solutions and in this way getting high quality solutions. Both possess the title of Master of Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. Together we have over 10 years experience in designing private garden.

FAQ AskHow long you need to finish my landscape design?

FAQ AnswerIt depends on which package you choose, but the average is 7 working days. We are always trying to finish the garden design as soon as possible. You must also keep in mind that we start to work when you send photos, answers to questions and property plan.

FAQ AskHow do I purchase a garden design package? FAQ

 FAQ AnswerYou can purchase your garden design package from our ‘purchase’ page in the menu. Payment is via paypal. Paypal provides a safe transaction platform. Protecting both buyer and seller. Paypal also accepts payment by credit card.

FAQ AskWhy are your garden design service cheaper than other?

 FAQ AnswerWe offer an online service, therefore cutting out expensive travel time, face to face consultations and administration charges. We pass these savings onto our clients by offering complete garden design services for up to half the price of traditional garden design companies.

FAQ AskWhat if I am unhappy with my garden design plan?

 FAQ AnswerThis has not happened to us yet! We ensure that your garden plan is exactly what you are after by asking all the right questions . From the start weensure  to understand exactly what you want, need and like. We offer a chance to respond to our initial design outline before we continue to the complete landscape design. However, should you be unhappy with your landscape plan, we will happily amend any changes needed for free. Alternatively we offer a 100% money back guarantee that the product delivered to you is exactly as outlined on this website.

 FAQ AskDo you offer ongoing advice for the garden?

FAQ AnswerYes. With each design package we offer one year of ongoing advice. If you have any questions about the design, construction or maintenance of your garden we will happily answer within 48 hours. FAQ


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