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Simple three steps – how it works

Garden design packagesTell your ideas how it works

Garden design packagesSend your garden info

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Best way is to write your aesthetic preferences, needs and goals for your garden. You can also fill out a questionnaire, which is located here.

Send us your estate plan if you have. If not, please send us your address and we can make from google service working estate plan.

You will receive a digital landscape design layout which you can build yourself, bring to your local nursery, or give your contractor to build for you.

How process looks like? How it works 

1. Online contact and consultation

Team How it works Logo MB garden design is at your service and will create a beautiful garden for you. We take your ideas and combine them with ours to create a unique, practical and beautiful garden perfectly suited to your needs, tastes and style. We offer 3 garden design packages and it is necessary to choose which suits you. How it works

Upon deposit payment through How it works PayPal_logo.svgfor your Garden Design Package we will send you out a simply questionnaire asking about your needs, wants and taste and some simple site analysis. Along with this questionnaire, we ask up to 10 photos of your current garden and a rough dimensions of your property. We will consider your responses, photos of the current garden, shadows, views, privacy requirements, drainage and practical elements required.We always choose suitable garden styles, building materials, plants and garden features to suit you and your garden space.

2. Making garden design

In this step we preparing a plans from chosen garden design package of your proposed garden space. We using computer design software like AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Realtime Landscaping and Photoshop. Each landscape plan will include all hard landscaping features. Such as paving, water features, decks as well as plant species and building materials to be used. All features incorporated will be based upon your wants and needs list. We will simply make your wish list aesthetically pleasing and functional. This plan can be used by you as DIY guide or given to a contractor to build the garden following the clear and concise plans.
All plans are simply and easy to follow, either all at once, or in stages as your budget and time allows.

3. Email delivery garden design

This is final step. Payment of remaining amount through How it works PayPal_logo.svg on completion of plans. Your completed garden package will be emailed to you. How it works MB garden design offers a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days if your package does not live up to the guidelines outlined in this website. How it works 


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