Koi Pond Garden Design

Complete Garden Design with Video Animation koi pond

TitleTitle: Koi pond
ClientClient: Private
Location of clientLocation: Texas, United States
Category of projectCategory: Garden Design

Inspiration for this design concept used from modern and visually atractive space. Also the design goal is to create a family atmosphere with a combination of modern elements. The idea is that with very little effort achieve a beautiful back yard. Construction is very simply and does not require special maintenance. In front of the room is a place to rest. The backyard consists of several places for sitting. Central point occupies a place to rest as a living room and a firepit. Pond attracts attention and creates a pleasant microclimate. As a result, selected materials such as wood and gravel tracks space more natural. Simple lines and shapes make the space functional and attractive.

Concept-plan-option1 Dimension-plan-option-1 Electrical-plan-option-1 Equipment-plan-option1 Greenery-plan-option-1 Irrigation-plan-option-1 Option-2 Perspective-view-beutiful-backyard-Texas-Smile1 Perspective-view-beutiful-backyard-Texas-Smile3 Perspective-view-beutiful-backyard-Texas-Smile5 Perspective-view-beutiful-backyard-Texas-Smile12 Perspective-view-beutiful-backyard-Texas-Smile13 Perspective-view-beutiful-backyard-Texas-Smile16 Perspective-view-beutiful-backyard-Texas-Smile18 Perspective-view-beutiful-backyard-Texas-Smile26

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